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1st place: ArqueroMorib

Reached level 6 and scored 78 points
Walked the Labyrinth for 103 turns.
Killed 22 monsters and collected 40 gold pieces.
Staff Pieces Found: 0/7

Killed by MagoCantor (MagoCantor)
Traits: Danger Sense, Treasure Hunter, Escape Artist, Trap Expertise, Swiftness, Archery, Fletchery, Precise Shot, Lucky, Heirloom, Acolyte, Visions, Geniekind, Merchant, Stupid, Poison Weakness, Magic Weakness, No Magic, Illiterate, Arachnophobia
Rank: Goblin
Hot-seat (3 Players)
Hot-seat (3 Players)
Version 1.9.3